Our MMA program is building Champions day by day, whether you’re
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Private Classes and Training

• *Military/Law Enforcement: Tactical Program (I.D. Required)
• *Men’s/Women’s Self Defense
• *Street-Combat

Woman Self Defense

The Women’s Self Defense program is taught by Alex Quintella himself.  Alex has meticulously blended together a combination of Military Tactics, Muay-Thai (Kickboxing), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Common-Sense Street Techniques that apply to the most common manners in which women are attacked/assaulted. You will leave this class knowing how to Punch, Kick, Break Hold of one that’s grabbed you, as well as how to escape an individual who’s mounted you (climbed on top of you). You will also learn Joint-Locks and Submissions, to render an opponent neutral, so that you can escape and contact authorities safely. Further, you’ll be taught how to fall to the ground safely, and both evade, and escape dangerous situations. Best of all, you’ll leave this class walking tall, and with much more confidence.